Package & Membership

New Client Special Package (새로운 학생을 위한 스페셜 패키지)

3 trial sessions: $99 (expires in 2 weeks)

3 private lessons: $165 (expires in 2 weeks)

Note: one-time only

Regular Session Package (일반 요금)

Singles session: $45

5 sessions: $200 (expires in 4 weeks)

Regular Private Lesson (일반 개인지도 요금)

Single private lesson: $80

10 private lessons: $700 (expires in 3 months)

Private Lesson by Bosco Baek (Bosco Baek 선생님 개인지도 요금)

First Visit by Bosco Baek: $500 

This First Visit includes lecture, consultation, report of findings and an individualized set of Yoga therapy to correct spinal misalignment as needed.  All other rates are applied after the First Visit.

Single private lesson by Bosco Baek: $200

10 private lessons by Bosco Baek: $1,800 (expires in 3 months)

Membership contract with auto-pay (멤버쉽 계약 월 자동 결재)

12 months: $250 per month, $3000 total 

6 months: $350 per month, $2,100 total 

3 months: $450 per month, $1,350 total 

Note: There is $840 cancellation fee if the contract is broken before its maturity.  NO exceptions.